Abacaxi provolone

Version 1: Brazilian way Slice fresh pineapple according to your needs: blocks, cubes, wedges (the size will determine the time in the grill or oven). You can use wooden sticks. Grill or oven for approx 30.mins in 200 C. For the last five minutes add smokey and salty cheese on top (as Brazilian Provolone / replacement). Season with dried oregano or herbes de Provence. Serve hot.

Version 2: Persian way The cuts of abacaxi of your choice. Season with a mixture of honey and saffron overnight (crush the saffron with sugar in a mortar). Follow the procedure from the version 1. Season with pomegranate seeds. Serve hot.

Aluá: ancient Brazilian wine

Cube the pineapple and boil it with sugar. Add 0,5kg of unrefined sugar for every 5 liters of brew. You can add cloves as a spice. Put in the gallon or fermenting bucket (previously pasteurised or cleaned with E224 – potassium metabisulfite) and add previously prepared starter with white wine yeast + the nutrient. Depending on the temperature, wait for up to seven days and then transfer to the bottles. Cann add a little of E224 to stabilize (optional). Store in the fridge.

Abacaxi popsicles

Slice abacaxi longitudinally spindle. Apply wooden sticks. Refrigerate. Season with dried cornflowers to serve.